Update / overwrite files and directories recursively with Linux mv - cp commands

Update / overwrite files and directories recursively with Linux mv - cp commands

You want to update / upgrade your system. Its not easy as you think to copy or move new files with overwriting old files on linux. I know you think "--force" will help you, but not here!

With move command 'mv' it was not possible to update all files and directories. Therefore we use copy command 'cp'.

#mv new/files/* files or #mv -f new/files/* files
mv: cannot overwrite directory ...

#cp -af new/files/* files
cp: overwrite '...'?

You have type "yes" many times.

The solution:

#yes | cp -a new/files/* files

"cp -a src/* dest" does not copy hidden files like .htaccess on top level. Try again with cp -a src/.* dest

To not overwrite:

no | cp -a new/files/* files

Actually, it's better to edit your .bashrc - and put these lines there:

#ask before overwriting files
alias rm='rm -i'
alias mv='mv -i'
alias cp='cp -i -v'

It just means that everytime you type the cp command it will always ask if you want to -i (overwrite it?) -v (and be verbose about it)

Great article! Thanks.

I am trying it on ubuntu but I dont asked to overwrite etc...

This is very useful
command at the end of copy ...
many file in a same time in linux....

thanks & regards


Another option is to temporarily disable the alias that enables interactive copying/moving.


Then -f will actually work, I believe.

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