Check password strength / safety with PHP and Regex

Password Validation with PHP and Regular Expressions

What is a good password? Your birthday, favorite star or first school, car, ...? None of them, because all similar passwords are very easy to crack.

My golden rule for safe-passwords is simple: Google or any search engine should NOT find any result for your password-string. But do not search for your password without changing some characters, because it will be visible as clear-text to all networks between your pc and Google server.

Another rule: make it hard for password-crackers: Use long passwords with letters, CAPS, numbers and sybols.

Let check a password strength with PHP. This is a simple and long example for php beginners.


$pwd = $_POST['pwd'];

if( strlen($pwd) < 8 ) {
	$error .= "Password too short! 
"; } if( strlen($pwd) > 20 ) { $error .= "Password too long!
"; } if( strlen($pwd) < 8 ) { $error .= "Password too short!
"; } if( !preg_match("#[0-9]+#", $pwd) ) { $error .= "Password must include at least one number!
"; } if( !preg_match("#[a-z]+#", $pwd) ) { $error .= "Password must include at least one letter!
"; } if( !preg_match("#[A-Z]+#", $pwd) ) { $error .= "Password must include at least one CAPS!
"; } if( !preg_match("#\W+#", $pwd) ) { $error .= "Password must include at least one symbol!
"; } if($error){ echo "Password validation failure(your choise is weak): $error"; } else { echo "Your password is strong."; }

Short example with Regex:
And this is the short version of that pwd-check with regexp (lookahead / lookbehind / lookaround) using PHP's PCRE engine.

$pwd = $_POST['pwd'];

if (preg_match("#.*^(?=.{8,20})(?=.*[a-z])(?=.*[A-Z])(?=.*[0-9])(?=.*\W).*$#", $pwd)){
    echo "Your password is strong.";
} else {
    echo "Your password is not safe.";

You can use "\d" instead of "[a-z]" and "\W" instead of non-word characters, symbols. You can make a manual list of most used sybols like [#.-_,$%&!].

Numbers, letters, CAPS:
Remember most users dont like passwords with symbols(because of keyboard differences), you can exclude symbol-check. Just check length, letters, caps and numbers.

$pwd = $_POST['pwd'];

if (preg_match("#.*^(?=.{8,20})(?=.*[a-z])(?=.*[A-Z])(?=.*[0-9]).*$#", $pwd)){
    echo "Your password is good.";
} else {
    echo "Your password is bad.";

Sometimes it is better to do it with javascript before visitor send form.


bad password examples

here is a small list of bad selections


For good passwords make sentences and save the first letter of them. And keep the first half on a paper.

Password check


First of all thanks a lot for the script. I have put this script in a web application, its really working great.



Thanks for this post. Very useful!

Check Password

how can i check if password contains 2 digits, 2 alphabets, 2 special chars ?

i did not test but it should

i did not test but it should work
for 2 exactly
for 2 or more


Thanks for the tutorial. Works great! How about if you want to validate your email address using $_POST super global? Thanks again.

password checking

how can i check if password contains spaces or not?

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