Free Web-Hosting with PHP-MYSQL, FTP and no-ads

Hello, I am a beginner and looking for a free webhosting. It should have PHP5 and MYSQL and Phpmyadmin. I need FTP access for uploading files. I cannot use web-panel to upload a CMS with 1000 files. It would be nice to have shell access and no ad-banners displayed on/under pages. I need it for Wordpress. is free

1.5 GB WebSpace, 100 GB Bandwidth/Transfer


* PHP mail() function and Sendmail
* Curl, GD2 library, XML, Zend, .htaccess support
* fopen() and PHP sockets
* safe_mode is OFF, file uploads are ON
* Zend Optimizer support, Ioncube loader.. and much more features are enabled

cPanel Control Panel (for some features you must upgrade)

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This hosting is in german!

1024MB HostSpace
PHP4 / PHP5 und MySQL
FTP und WebFTP
No transfer limit
Guestbook and contactforms etc...

* 110MB Space - FREE (Can upgrade to 15GB)
* Dual Xeon & Opteron based Servers
* PHP 5 - FREE!
* FTP (chmod support) - *Must activate
* Sendmail (PHP Mail) - *Must activate
* Your Own Domain Hosting - FREE!
* Safe Mode OFF - FREE!
* CGI/Perl - *Must activate
* 10GB Bandwidth - FREE! (Can upgrade to 1TB)
* MYSQL 5 - *Must activate
* IonCube & Zend Support - FREE!
* NO popups, spam or ads ANYWHERE
* Template Driven Site Builder
* Site promotion guides - FREE!
* Python - *Must activate offers too but they have a really bad design offers unlimited space-bandwidth but no mysql

PHP (without MYSQL or CGI)
Server Side Included (SSI)
Monthly Backups (Keeps your data safe!)
FTP Access (1 account)
Simple Control Panel :

* 300 MB disk space
* 10 GB Monthly transfer
* PHP with MySQL databases
* 5 Add-on domains
* 5 Sub domains

* PHP Flags manager
* FTP account
* File manager
* Webmail, POP3 email
* MYSQL, Php MyAdmin

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