Drupal 7 - Create a user with custom fields based on Taxonomy terms

Let say we have a travel-website. Each user has fields like :
- My Hometown (single entry)
- Visited cities (multiple entries)
- Cities I want to visit (multiple entries)

And we want to restore user-db from an extern-file. We have to prepare taxonomy terms and assign IDs before starting insert data. After parsing data, we can create each user with following php-code.

$uname = "Alex Miller";
$umail = "alex.miller@example.com";

$hometown_id = 123;
$visited_city1 = 345;
$visited_city2 = 456;

$tovisit_city1 = 678;
$tovisit_city2 = 789;

Backup all MySQL databases automagicly with the PHP admin script

Server administration software like Cpanel, Plesl, Webmin etc have already their backup solutions. But they are runned mostly once a week or max a day because of performance reasons. Let say we just want to backup all of our mysql-databases every 2 hours.

To do this:

  • Create a directory like /backup/mysql
  • Save code below under something like backup_mysql.php
  • Chmod it to 755
  • Run it manually or with cronjobs /root/scripts/backup_mysql.php
// use this if your php.ini does not allow shell etc #!/usr/bin/php -n

Drupal Joomla im Vergleich

Das ist ein Vergleich der beliebtesten Content-Management-Systeme Drupal 6x und Joomla 1.5-Serie.

Drupal pro: kostenlos, professionelle Kodierung, Mehrsprachig, Multi-Webseiten, Performance, große Gemeinschaft, Flexibilität, Leistung, Rollen-basierten Benutzer-Zugang, flexible Inhalt-Typen, gute Taxonomie(Kategorisierung) System, SEO freundliche URLs, Multi-DB Unterstützung

Online natore

#2006 - MySQL server has gone away

I have an i7 QuadCore PC. I have installed WAMP on it. Last time I get this error commonly: "#2006 - MySQL server has gone away". But when I try with mysql console I see that Mysql server is online also not "gone away". How can I configue Phpmyadmin to wait and not give such rush errors ?

How can dragonballzrpgonline.com get pageRank 10?

I saw the list of websites with PR 10. One of them is very unusual: dragonballzrpgonline.com

And it is not a website anymore it is just a parked domain on register.com.

How can such a domain get Pagerank 10?

As Google updated its alghoritm to "Panda", it shouldnt come to such strange results.

mkfs takes very long time, how2 make it faster?

It is already 6 hours that I have started the command: mkfs -t ext3 -c -q /dev/sda1

It is a ATA SAMSUNG (sata 750 GB). How long does it take?

It is running under Debian 6 box i7 920 CPU with 8GB ram.

Premium Web Templates

Hi @ll,

I need very often professionals website templates. Sometimes a standalone design but sometimes themes for CMS like software like Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress, phpBB, Phorum, Magento etc.

I have already tried to find using Google but most sites I found seem unserious.

"Problem with activation" : spam on Drupal 6

I habe a Drupal site and have a problem for a couple of weeks: I got automated forum topics named "Problem with activation" with a link inside my site like http://example.com/?somethinklooklikemd5

Why this is happens and how can I prevent it?

In 1 Million Alexa Seiten suchen

Guten Tag,

ich möchte gerne ost-europische Webseiten für Großhandel recherchieren. Auf Alexa kann man nur ersten 100 Webseiten sehen. Man kann zwar 1000000-Liste als CSV herunterladen aber es hilf nicht. Weil Suchbegriffe normalerweise nicht in Domainnamen sind. Wie und wo kann ich es suchen.

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