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Url manipulation with mod_rewrite and php-catcher for beginners

Url manipulation is one of the hottest areas on the new generation web (2.0). It provides more security and flexibility. It is user and search-engine friendly. The most popular combination is Apache-webserver + mod_rewrite + server-side catcher(mostly a php-file). In this tutorial we use very short examples to make it easy for newbies.

Why url manipulation & mod_rewrite?

  1. more security: hide file location
  2. shorter urls without file extensions like .html
  3. easy to remember / recommend urls
  4. search engine friendly

Dmoz is dead, long live web 2.0 / social media!

It is more than 11 years that Dmoz.org(ODP) exists. But Dmoz is getting less popular everyday. Reasons:

* Dmoz database is not up2date
* It takes very long time that new sites added & listed
* It is not safe enaugh against missuse/corruption
* Publicity does not know Dmoz and not using
* Social Media / Web 2.0 services are more popular(Facebook, Digg, Reddit, ...)

Dmoz is still useful:
* To download all categories and sites

King(Dmoz) is dead long live the king(Web2 Sites)

Jquery for beginners: video tutorial

This is a ten minute length nice video in english which is showing beginners what is Jquery and how to use it to build webcontent with this popular javascript - ajax framework.

Please add your comments below whether you like this vidutorial or not!

Web 2.0 Style two Side Background, Dark to Light Effect

This is a demo page. We use two divs and two background images for left and right. And we use background-position attribute of css especially to align the right background to right of page. Dont forget to tell browser how bg should repeatet. Even if the page is resized, we have the same effect on the display. Demo and More

Left background image:

Basic HTML Table with rounded corners

This is a simple html table with rounded corners. It uses minimum code and four small corner images. You can change table width and height, without caring about design. Demo | Download

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