Alternative captcha ideas for future

Now there are multiple captcha types against spam/abuse:

image captcha
ascii captcha
audio captcha
math captcha
easy questions

How will next generation captchas look like? I think in the future there will be much more captchas types like:

car captcha
film captcha
famous people
famous places
number to text
word suggestion with add remove extra letters(ie: gogle, new yoork)
animals (ie: which animals do you see in this picture from left to right)
traffic captcha

What do you think what more could be one of next spam-preventing technologies?

Delete all spam node entries of a spesific user on a Drupal site with PHP

Case: We have one or more spammer-user who added hunderts/thousands of nodes automagicly or manually. It takes very long time to delete them using Drupal admin interface. We need a fast & effective solution.

The solution
1. Find 'uid' of spammer
2. Create a block with input-filter PHP and run following code

$r = db_query("select * from {node} where uid='123456789'");
while( $arr = db_fetch_array($r) ){
	echo $counter++. " ". print_r($arr,1)." ";
            echo node_delete( $arr[nid] );

Hide your email address + mailto link with javascript from spammer

Of course you can write you email on an gif or jpeg image. But you cant give a mailto:link without your email appears clearly. Therefore use javascript, your email appears to visitors as a text but appears spam-bots crawlers as javascript code, which they ignore as usual.

	var email = ['i','n','f','o','@', 's', 'i', 't', 'e', '.', 'c', 'o', 'm']; 
	var link = "";
	for(i=0; i'+link+'');

Are you human question examples

Who is the president of USA

What is the name of capital city of UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, China, Japan, Russia, Iran, Canada, Australia, ...

What is the most used Operating System

What is the most used browser

What is the long version of VW

What is the most popular car-brand from Japan

What is the color of sky, water, snow, milk, ...

What is the most popular film of Marlon Brando


How to override php mail function to catch abuse / spammer

I think somebody sending spam mail from my account with using php-scripts. I can not watch all php files because there are too many. And when I look in exim mail_log, I see just mail header. The log file is too big because all incoming and outgoing mail is logged. I just need a override possibility for php mail function to log all details including mail-body and attachment to determine if it is a smap mail. I just tried to install php pecl apd but no luck.

pecl install apd
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