Bing vs. Google: a small comparison

Bing vs. Google
This is a small comparison between Google and Microsoft's new search engine Bing. I tried to compare most used features for web search and results quality. Quality of image and video search like common services would be the point of next article.

Google's goal is simplicity and experience. Google's huge stats make available to find relation between different search terms. Bing's goal is Curiosity. People want to see what can a Google-competitor search engine do.

Why bloody Bing sends fake referrer?

Does anybody know why Microsoft's new search engine Bing (MSN/Live/whatever..) sends fake referrer? Is not it unserious for a such company?

Bing search rss feeds needed

How to fetch rss feeds from Bing for a search query?

Why MSN-Live SE use fake referer?

In last months I see many referrers from msn/ from urls with top keywords like music, image, video, chat, forum etc.


But when I visit that serp page I see just results from major sites on the web. I dont either expect that my small site appears on first page but just wondering why msnbot use such a trick. Whatever i didnt like it!

When will Wolfram-Alpha be online?

I have heard that a new search engine named Wolfram-Alpha comes and answer all questions. But Icant try search box over . Any idea when visitors get access to this se, or it is just for commercial?

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