300 Websites WorldWide with Google Pagerank 9

PageRank is a website analysis algorithm of Google with the purpose of "measuring" its relative importance to other websites on the web. After Google's new search alghoritm "Panda" it is getting less importance while sorting search results.

Nearly 300 domains -with PR9- listet alphabetically:

How can get pageRank 10?

I saw the list of websites with PR 10. One of them is very unusual:

And it is not a website anymore it is just a parked domain on

How can such a domain get Pagerank 10?

As Google updated its alghoritm to "Panda", it shouldnt come to such strange results.

List of Domains with Google PageRank 10

Google updated Pagerank database in august 2011. Here is a list of top 10 Domains with Google PageRank 10. (social media) (us-american news company) (social bookmarking script) (Chinese Goverment) (a service of Google) (US Goverment) (US-Department of Health and Human services) (PHP-Mysql based real time web analytics software, open source alternative to Google Analytics)

Alexa Sparky Toolbar or SearchStatus?

I am a web developer from south Germany(near Swiss/French border). I create websites for a couple of small clients. I want to get responsibility about SEO too. But I am relative in in this part. Which tools should I use to monitore SEO position and improve it? I have found just some webservices which shows just Pagerank, Alexa, Compete etc. But most of that services are just USA related and they offer nothing interesting for european/german users. Thanks! M.K.

Pagerank Update from Google at 22 January 2011

After April 2010 there was no Pagerank Update till yesterday night. Thousands of webmasters waited for this moment. And finally Google updated its SearchIndex with Pagerank. Next week we should hear from big changes, that ita was relative long time. There must be many websites with big pagerank changes.

next pagerank update

does anybody know when will be next pr update? i couldnt find any info on google help pages and already seacrhed for pagerank update...

Strange results from Pagerank and Alexa while comparing top-forums

Pagerank: 5
Alexa: 5.837

Pagerank: 8
Alexa: 6.697

Pagerank: 6
Alexa: 73.008

I was searching for the best free forum-system. After reading some artciles on BBs, wanted to compare the best 3 system. The result confused me very much and I can not still decide. How comes that the best one on Alexa has the worst PageRank on Google?

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