Secure Network against Sniffers

How can I Secure my PC / Network against Packet Sniffers? I am in a insecure network. What kind of risks are there and how or with which tools can I defend my computer.

Comparison of HDGuard, DeepFreeze, Dr-Kaiser and SteadyState

I need a good quality software to protect all PCs of an Network (like Schools, Cources, Libaries, Internetcafes etc).

It must be able to protect whole PC incl. all hard disks and partitions (incl. system partition C).

Is should restore to permitted point after each reboot.

It should be much faster than copy and disk-image. Just couple of seconds allowed.

It must be strong enaugh against all malware, viruses, users etc.

It should be able to let admin user to run windows updates or any custom software update.

How to install Munin and Nagios on a Redhat box?

I want to install network-server monitoring tools on my server. How can I install Munin and Nagios easily? Thnaks for any help!

Most important sites for a webmaster

A small list of most important webdev-related sites for me: forum tips forum scripts dhtml, java scripts

google code search

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