Photo Album / Picture Gallery Script with PHP

This is a all-in-one-file small and powerful image gallery script with PHP. Just upload your images to directory of script with FTP. It is free for private use. For a demo click on screenshot-image.


  • Scann directory and display images in web formats automagically
  • Create thumbnail images dynamically on the fly (from all JPEG, GIF, PNG)
  • Sort images by name, size or last modified time

Repair all mysql databases-tables with PHP

phpMyAdmin is a great tool but there is no option to repair all databases at once yet. Imagine you have no shell-access and need to repair all your 100 databases. It would take long time. This small PHP-Script lets you list, analyze and repair all your databases belong to same user at once.

If you already have shell access you can do it with mysqlcheck:

mysqlcheck -u root -p --auto-repair --check --optimize --all-databases

Repair with PHP:


Image watermark with PHP

To prevent quality images being stolen, we can use PHP to watermark web-images in popular formats like GIF/PNG/JPEG. We print a transparent gif-image on a jpeg-photo in this tutorial. For best results I prefer gif than png, because some png formats require extra functions to print a transparent image. We can convert this script to a batch-watermarker easily to watermark photo albums/galleries with multiple pictures by putting code in a loop or create a function.


Smart Multi-Uploader and Thumbnail Creator from GIF/ JPEG/ PNG with PHP

Image uploader and thumbnail generatorThis is a multiple image uploader with flexible thumbnail generator. You can set how many images you want to upload at once. This script creates thumbnails automagically from GIF / JPEG and PGN images. You can also disable thumbnails completely. You can change easily path/to/upload and thumbnails max width and height. Script dedect automagically which dimestion to use for resize. It checks image-type and max-image-size. Comments and featurequest are welcome!


Web2 style secure & flexible free php contact form with easy setup

Web2 style secure & flexible free php contact form with easy setupThis a small and powerful contact form, which protected with a random colored captcha. You can start to use it with changing just ADMIN_EMAIL. You can easily add-remove contact fields like name, email, homepage, phone number, fax, address, subject, message etc. You can easily set required fields, which visitors must fill.

Upload multiple images with PHP


* Smart Image Uploader by
* Free for private use
* Please support us with donations or backlink

$upload_image_limit = 5; // How many images you want to upload at once?
$upload_dir			= ""; // default script location, use relative or absolute path

################################# UPLOAD IMAGES
		foreach($_FILES as $k => $v){ 

			$img_type = "";

			### $htmo .= "$k => $v"; 	### print_r($_FILES);
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