CSS Text effects for MSIE

Here are some cool css text effects for microsoft internet explorer. You can use them with images too.

Mouseover images with CSS

Sometimes we need mouseover effect for two images or more. For pure-css image galleries with thumbnail or comparison of before-later photos or photoshop effects like dark-light etc... Be sure that all images have same image width-height. We use an empty container with fixed width-height. We set the first image as background and the second one as hover-background. Demo

Example page code:


Web 2.0 Style two Side Background, Dark to Light Effect

This is a demo page. We use two divs and two background images for left and right. And we use background-position attribute of css especially to align the right background to right of page. Dont forget to tell browser how bg should repeatet. Even if the page is resized, we have the same effect on the display. Demo and More

Left background image:

Cool Text Effects with CSS Filters


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