Display E-Mail Adresse of anonym visitors in Drupal-comments securely


Visitors post comments and they live sometimes their contact information like email address to get feedback. If you display e-mail spambots will catch them before other visitors. If you dont display, other visitors cannot send feedback. What is the secure anti-spam solution?

Here is what I did:

- email adresse of comment-poster will just partly shown to other anonym visitors (and with a tip to register to see full email)
- email adresse of comment-poster will shown to other registered visitors fully

How to hide / encrypt CCK Email field with JS against spammer

I got headche while searching for a filter to encrypt/hide email cck field to protect email addresses from spambots. I have installed , deinstalled, activated-deactivated rearranged input filters with both invisimail and spamspan but no luck! Finally I decide to change code in email.module. It works! Go and open "sites/all/modules/email/email.module" and find the line 115 like this:

 * Theme function for 'default' email field formatter.
function theme_email_formatter_default($element) {

Simple Hello World Module for Drupal 6

This is a small and simple "Hello World!" module for quickstarters who uses Drupal 6x series. We need just one directory and two files:

  • modules/simple_hello_world/
  • modules/simple_hello_world/simple_hello_world.info
  • modules/simple_hello_world/simple_hello_world.module


; $Id$
name = Simple Hello World
description = Description of Simple Hello World module
core = 6.x



Drupal 6 vs. Joomla 1.5 (2009)

Drupal versus Joomla!This is a comparison of most popular content-management-systems Drupal 6x and Joomla 1.5 series.

Drupal pros: free, professional coded, multilang, multisite, performance, great community, flexibility, power, role-based user access, flexible content types, excellent taxonomy system, seo friendly urls, multi-db-support

Fix Google Adsense Search and Drupal Conflict

Google Adsense internal search code does not work with Drupal sites normally. The reason is $_GET[q] conflict between both services. $_GET[q] means "current page" for Drupal and "search query" for Google. We can fix it with two easy steps.

Step 1:
Create a custom page like "websearch" etc under Drupal and add Adsense Code for results page.

Step 2:
Add this code at the top of your Drupal's index.php:

// Fix Drupal-Adsense conflict
$_GET[q] = ($_GET['cx']) ? "websearch" : $_GET[q] ; 

Delete all spam node entries of a spesific user on a Drupal site with PHP

Case: We have one or more spammer-user who added hunderts/thousands of nodes automagicly or manually. It takes very long time to delete them using Drupal admin interface. We need a fast & effective solution.

The solution
1. Find 'uid' of spammer
2. Create a block with input-filter PHP and run following code

$r = db_query("select * from {node} where uid='123456789'");
while( $arr = db_fetch_array($r) ){
	echo $counter++. " ". print_r($arr,1)." ";
            echo node_delete( $arr[nid] );

Mysql: update weight by an auto-incremented string created on the fly

I had a problem with Drupal6 by sorting tags. Mysql can sort or place some non-ascii letters correctly but PHP can not.

Example: I have a list of cities and I want to sort them by first letter. I want that "ívori" and "îwata" beeing listet with "Ibiza" under "i". PHP places both ívori and îwata after Z. To prevent this I update "weight" manually with mysql and sort them by weight instead of alpha.

select @my_temp_counter:=0;
update `term_data` set weight = (@my_temp_counter:=@my_temp_counter+1) order by name;

Sort Drupal taxonomy terms by custom weight

I have got a problem with Drupals taxonomy sorting alghoritm. I got a taxonomy group for authors. I created a block with tagedelic "tags in authors". The problem there was that tagedelic couldnt put in right place author-names starting with letters like é, í, ò etc.

To solve it. I exported all terms and edited them in Notepad++. I sort terms by alpha, gave them an automated line number. And combined line number with Drupals weight range (scala +49 to -49).

update term_data set weight = -49+\1/3 where tid=\2 /* \3 */ ;

\1 is line number.


"Problem with activation" : spam on Drupal 6

I habe a Drupal site and have a problem for a couple of weeks: I got automated forum topics named "Problem with activation" with a link inside my site like http://example.com/?somethinklooklikemd5

Why this is happens and how can I prevent it?

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