Failed to modify server : AWstats reporting is already enabled for this domain

I have a problem: I have a website which is older than 10 years. I was using a cpanel-whm server till 4 years ago. Than I changed to a Debian Lamp server with webmin. And upgraded the server last month. I had migrated cpanel-backups to webmin and after upgrade migrated webmin-backups to new webmin on new server. Awstats is not checked and not to see under logs tab. But when I try to check and activate Awstats under "edit virtual server" tab, I get this error: Failed to modify server : AWstats reporting is already enabled for this domain.

How can I pass this error? Thanks

Could not fetch uid or gid for : root (Cpanel / WHM)

I am using Cpanel / WHM for my dedicated server

I think my server banned me I am not sure if APF or BFD and why.

I tried to connect over my mobile phone. I tried as root with pwd and got following error:

	Internel Server Error
	Could not  fetch uid or gid for : root
	cpsrvd/11.25 Server at

Any idea how to unblock myself? I am using static IP.

ispconfig or webmin (plesk and cpanel are paid) ?

Which is the best free control panel for webhosting ? I think cpanel is the easiest but it is not free.

CuteFTP or FTP Client lists just 1998 / 2000 files

If your ftp-software does not display more than 1998 file names (2000 with symbolic links), you must change config file of Pure-FTP and restart ftpd. Use a ssh-client , recommend Putty.

[ssh] pico -w /etc/pure-ftpd.conf

# 'ls' recursion limits. The first argument is the maximum number of
# files to be displayed. The second one is the max subdirectories depth

LimitRecursion 2000 8

# Are anonymous users allowed to create new directories ?

AnonymousCanCreateDirs no

Change this to something like LimitRecursion 20000 20 etc.

Fix Cpanel/WHM's easyapache and up2date issue (certificate verify failed)

Today morning woke up and saw httpd not running. I tried to install/update Apache using Cpanel's Easyapache script over webinterface(post 2086/2087) but no chance. I tried the same with ssh as root using putty but I got same error output like this:

Checking that all packages are present and up to date.
!! No method to auto repair package system !!
!! Please visit for help with this error. !!
!! Restoring original working apache !!
!! Executing '/scripts/initsslhttpd' !!
!! Restarting 'httpd' ... !!
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