Fix Google Adsense Search and Drupal Conflict

Google Adsense internal search code does not work with Drupal sites normally. The reason is $_GET[q] conflict between both services. $_GET[q] means "current page" for Drupal and "search query" for Google. We can fix it with two easy steps.

Step 1:
Create a custom page like "websearch" etc under Drupal and add Adsense Code for results page.

Step 2:
Add this code at the top of your Drupal's index.php:

// Fix Drupal-Adsense conflict
$_GET[q] = ($_GET['cx']) ? "websearch" : $_GET[q] ; 

How to configure Google Adsense for Domains with Webmin ?

It was very easy with Cpanel but I could not get it works on webmin. I have removed a entry for and add a CNAME entry with but it does not help! How to get it works?

We need an Adsense alternative

Impressions: 3,429
Clicks: 15
Earnings: €0.12

I want to leave Adsense. It cant be so cheap. 10.000 unique visitors daily for just 3$ is not acceptable. I need urgently your advise for a new ad-network. Thank you!

Adbrite or Kompera?

I want to use affiliate links on my blog. I have already tried Adsense but too low earnings daily. I have just found two new Networks: Adbrite and Kompera. Has anyone experince with them and recommend?

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