Repair all mysql databases-tables with PHP

phpMyAdmin is a great tool but there is no option to repair all databases at once yet. Imagine you have no shell-access and need to repair all your 100 databases. It would take long time. This small PHP-Script lets you list, analyze and repair all your databases belong to same user at once.

If you already have shell access you can do it with mysqlcheck:

mysqlcheck -u root -p --auto-repair --check --optimize --all-databases

Repair with PHP:

List Analyze Repair
<?php /** * powered by * free for private use * please support us with donations */ $db_host = $_POST['db_host']; $db_user = $_POST['db_user']; $db_password = $_POST['db_password']; $do_analyze = $_POST['do_analyze']; $do_repair = $_POST['do_repair']; $db_ignore = ($_POST['db_ignore']) ? $_POST['db_ignore'] : "nodbignore" ; if(!$db_host || !$db_user){ die(); } mysql_connect("$db_host","$db_user","$db_password") or die("Error: No BD Connection"); $rs = mysql_query("show databases"); while($arr=mysql_fetch_array($rs)){ echo "


    "; mysql_select_db("$arr[0]"); $rs2 = mysql_query("show tables"); while($arr2=mysql_fetch_array($rs2)){ if($do_analyze){ $rs3 = mysql_query("analyze table `$arr2[0]`"); echo mysql_error(); $arr3=mysql_fetch_array($rs3); } if($do_repair){ $rs4 = mysql_query("repair table `$arr2[0]`"); echo mysql_error(); $arr4=mysql_fetch_array($rs4); } echo "
  1. $arr2[0] $arr3[3] $arr4[3]"; } echo "
"; }
Download repair_all_databases_with_PHP.zip797 bytes


Thank you very much! This is

Thank you very much! This is exactly what I am looking for since last week. I will try to edit code to use it with Postgresql too.

Thank you very much!!!!!!!!

Thank you very much!!!!!!!!

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