Fix Cpanel/WHM's easyapache and up2date issue (certificate verify failed)

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 04/14/2009 - 16:07

Today morning woke up and saw httpd not running. I tried to install/update Apache using Cpanel's Easyapache script over webinterface(post 2086/2087) but no chance. I tried the same with ssh as root using putty but I got same error output like this:

Checking that all packages are present and up to date.
!! No method to auto repair package system !!
!! Please visit for help with this error. !!
!! Restoring original working apache !!
!! Executing '/scripts/initsslhttpd' !!
!! Restarting 'httpd' ... !!
!! Failed to restart Apache. !!
!! Apache restarted, but pid file does not match process list pids.
If apache restart reported success but it failed soon after, it may be caused by oddities with mod_ssl.
You should run /scripts/ssl_crt_status as part of your troubleshooting process. Pass it --help for more details.
Also be sure to examine apache's variouse log files.
Apache Restart Output:
/etc/init.d/httpd start: httpd started
[Mon Apr 13 22:39:31 2009] [notice] child pid 32121 exit signal File size limit exceeded (25)

Searched Google a little and found that up2date does not wotk. Tried ssh >> up2date and got :
There was an SSL error: [('SSL routines', 'SSL3_GET_SERVER_CERTIFICATE', 'certificate verify failed')]
A common cause of this error is the system time being incorrect. Verify that the time on this system is correct.

Check server-time everything seem ok. There is not much to do now, contacted The Planet(formerly Ev1servers/Rackshack) and got registration fixed. Everything working now. (Box is RHEL)

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